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  • Catch | Bounce

    A Project by James Charlton

    02-12-17 - 16.12.17

    ARTISTS TALK: 12pm 2nd December. KARST

    Towards a non-computational 'digital' ontology

    Catch | Bounce is a project by the New Zealand based multidisciplinary practitioner James Charlton. Considering what it means for a thing to be digital, Catch | Bounce explores what it means for an artwork to exist independently from an artist or audience. Straddling the line between interactive installation and conceptual art, Charlton exhibits the time between a catch and a bounce, the 'transactional interval of a call and a return'. In opposition of post-Kantian metaphysics, Catch | Bounce asks us to consider the possibility of art in which human subjectivity is no longer a final guarantor.

    James Charlton's recent projects includes Catch | Bounce at Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool (2017); Waiting Event: 64 Bytes at The Post-Screen Festival, Lisbon (2014) and an ongoing collaborative exhibition with New Zealand musician and artist Philip Dadson: Body Tok Quintet at Colab, New Zealand (2012). He is currently Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader of Postgraduate Studies at Colab - Auckland University of Technology's Interdisciplinary Unit.

    ARTIST WEBSITE http://idot.net.nz


    Catch | Bounce

  • Three actions in 56 bytes. 2014

  • Double Dribble, 2014.