• Ricardo Basbaum - NBP Project


    14.09.13 - 1.10.13

    KARST hosted and particapted in the presentation of Ricardo Basbaum's signature project, 'Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?' in conjunction with the 'Multiple Choices' exhibition.

    At the heart of Basbaum's complex and playful work is the circulation of a simple, painted metal object (pictured above), amongst users who express the desire to participate. The object derives its shape from a sign that Basbaum designed and has deployed in search of what he calls 'New Bases for Personality' or NBP.*

    Once it is in their hands, participants (be they individuals, groups, or institutions) define what to do with the NBP object, where it will be taken, and how their artistic experience is documented. The results are radically open 'the fruit of your own desire and effort.' Traces of this process are then uploaded to a website, which has been documenting the evolution of the project since its inception in 1994 (http://www.nbp.pro.br). Basbaum's work offers a base at once concrete and dynamic for imagining the workings of our networks.

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