Past Event

A Silent Walk

26 Nov 2023, 10:00am


Starting at 10.30am on Sunday 26th November, Ashish Ghadiali (artist, activist and curator of our current exhibition Against Apartheid) will lead a silent walk from the Mayflower Steps on Plymouth Barbican up to the Peace Garden on Plymouth Hoe, as a performance of non-violent and decolonial civic intention.

This public performance is open for all to join and is a culmination of the Open City Night School, a participatory space that has been held by Radical Ecology at KARST throughout the duration of the exhibition, where Plymothians have been invited to consider methodologies including alternative mapping and deep listening as tactics for deconstructing standard civic narratives and forging new collectivities.

How might we walk together in spite of difference? How might we acknowledge the diversity of histories that come together in every moment of public life and work collectively towards a just and sustainable planetary future – here and now?

A Silent Walk will be preceded by a short deep listening workshop (starting at 10am at the Mayflower Steps) conducted by Ximena Alarcon from the Center for Deep Listening.

A Silent Walk is part of the Black Atlantic weekend within Open City – a season of decolonial art and public programming organised by Radical Ecology through autumn 2023 with partners across South-West England and in the context of the exhibition Against Apartheid at KARST.

This event is free.