KARST I Am My Own Primal Parent
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KARST’s commitment to equality


KARST believes in art’s capacity to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to exchange ideas, create work, share practices and give people a voice to contest the prejudices in our society.

We embrace the values of inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and equality so we support the Black Lives Matter movement and stand in solidarity with those challenging outdated attitudes and systems.

We take our role as an influencer of Plymouth’s cultural identity seriously and will maximise our efforts to ensure the voices of underrepresented members of our society are heard.

Our vision is that we will create the structural changes needed within our sector to be truly diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all people.

To achieve this, we will take an active lead to address systemic and hidden racism and the inequalities underpinning society wherever we find them.

Here’s how we will do it:

  • We will develop a collaborative programme to listen to, learn from and amplify marginalised voices as a way of influencing and creating permanent change;
  • We will review our exhibitions and commissioning process in collaboration with established local and regional organisations to facilitate knowledge exchange, and the sharing of best practice, resources and event programming;
  • We will maintain a space where artists from all backgrounds can develop, collaborate and lead;
  • We will reinforce zero tolerance of harassment and bullying;
  • We will diversify our workforce, resident artists and network.