Past Event

The Joyous Thing #5: Vocal Improvisation Workshop with Dali de Saint Paul

5 APR 2024, 4:00pm


In this introductory workshop with Dali de Saint Paul, you will play with exercises and improvisation techniques, and listen to examples from the history of experimental sound and music, exploring the voice as a musical, communal, and political instrument, and how multiple voices can interact in the context of improvisation. 

Dali De Saint Paul is a prolific collaborator and a prominent figure in Bristol’s improvised music scene who likes to explore musical dialogues with musicians across different genres. Over 6 years, her improvised project EP/64 involved more than 40 musicians and visual artists across 64 concerts. Described as having a ‘raw vocal style’, Dali is completely self-taught as a vocalist and a musician. 

The workshop lasts for 1 hour approx. No experience or musical training is required. Tickets are free but booking is recommended to reserve a space.

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