Marcy Saude, Still from Come On Pilgrim (16mm), 2022.

14 Jan - 12 Feb 2022

Marcy Saude: Directions: Forward

Directions: Forward presents moving image work that juxtaposes the mythic and the everyday to develop connections between the past and future.

Katy Richardson, Still from A Cake of Painted Tin, 2021.

18 & 19 Feb 2022

A Cake of Painted Tin by Katy Richardson

Following its exhibition at Studio KIND. in November, A Cake of Painted Tin will be shown at KARST on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 February. The installation presents a body of new moving image and sound work exploring the experiences of writer Antonia White.

Annie Shrosbree, work in progress, 2021.

25 & 26 Feb 2022


Multimedia artist, sculptor and Bath Spa graduate Annie Shrosbree presents work she has developed during her 2021 residency with KARST studios in this two-day open event.