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Past Exhibition

Cocktail III

Zoe Williams / Lucie Akerman

9 – 12 Sept 2014


For each of its incarnations, COCKTAIL has acted as a pseudo brand or host that appropriates the framework of a late night bar or club. Through this process of imitation, COCKTAIL intends to negate the conventional commercial agenda behind the existence of these services in our lives, problematising our preconceived ideas and agency within them.

COCKTAIL is a collaborative project delivered by Lucie Akerman and Zoe Williams. The fundamentals of the space are designed by Akerman and Williams, with Williams incorporating her artworks to form the backdrop or set. COCKTAIL III at KARST assimilates research process, exhibition and live event to further explore the conceptual constructs of the project.

Prior to opening at KARST, Williams and Akerman will document a series of events that they will host in an intimate/private setting in Bristol. This material will then be assimilated and presented at KARST as an exhibition open from 29th August-7th September

A satellite project of commissioned sound and visual pieces will be present throughout COCKTAIL within KARST and peppered throughout the public spaces of Plymouth during August. These artists include Jennifer Campbell, Casey O’Connell, Candice Jacobs, Joe Evans, Samuel Playford Greenwell, Samuel Hasler, Samuel Levack & Jennifer Lewandowski, Le Kevin Costner bar (Justin Stephens and Scott Rogers).