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Past Exhibition


Benjamin Hirte / Graham Hudson / Vesta Kroese / Lucia Quevedo / Ivan & Heather Morison / Frances Scott / Sebastian Wickeroth / Jennifer West. Curated by Carl Slater & Jordan Baseman

24 Apr – 28 May 2016


We love the thing you hate. You hate the thing we loveAnarchy. Cartoons. Sculpture.

Where some artists share a mistrust of the world and a deep understanding of the fleeting nature of belief, knowing full well that all truths can be overturned, made false and ridiculous; others consider the grounding of safety in the politically correct, placing its nauseating existence on plinths with straight edges. Not here. By spinning the color-wheel, we reveal the white light of hidden truth, concealed by stasis and resistance: now it is evident that a new problem exists. Even gravity is not immune.

Carving, modeling and welding. This exhibition is not that. Consider it the anti-matter of sculptural form by ways of intervention, documentation and moving image. Within this, we see our environments and landscapes become violated and enhanced by super-toxic micro-pollutants in our oceans and the sulfuric acid aerosols that give our sunsets their color. Something has happened here, time has fallen, the apples have gone rotten and debris is scattered across the vista. However, there is beauty in our self-created Horrorshow, for sure. Demand the impossible: Fuck Newton.