A No Soap Radio photograph with a flower and a smiley face

Plymouth Art Weekender 2020

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KARST will open for the Plymouth Art Weekender 2020. There will be a photographic exhibition No Soap Radio with a live skateboarding jam and music set. Full details on the Events page. You can also catch up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

In Future We Will. On Sunday, there is a panel discussion led by Ben Borthwick and Paula Orrell, coordinator, Visual Arts South West which will use the framework provided by Speedwell – an ACE/Plymouth Culture commission made by artist’s collective Still/Moving in response to the complexity of commemorating Mayflower 400 and the possibility of designing new forms of ‘worlding’. Full details on the Events page.

At the end of these events, KARST will be closed to the public because of building works and will reopen with an important international exhibition early next year.