Katy Richardson, Still from A Cake of Painted Tin, 2021.
Credit: Katy Richardson, Still from A Cake of Painted Tin, 2021.
Past Project

Test Space: Katy Richardson – A Cake of Painted Tin

18 & 19 Feb 2022


Following its exhibition at Studio KIND. in November, A Cake of Painted Tin will be shown at KARST on Friday 18 and Saturday 19 February.

The installation presents a body of new moving image and sound work exploring the experiences of writer Antonia White, with particular reference to her Frost in May quartet of novels. The texts describe White’s early life and young adulthood, including time spent in Bethlem Hospital for a psychosis which was attributed to schizophrenia at the time of her admittance in late 1922, but which might now be understood as a symptom of her probable manic depressive illness (Moran, 2018).


Amber Amare – director of photography
Natasha Berry – sound engineer
Katrina Brown – zoom collaborator
Eve Ess – zoom collaborator
Rosanna Gilderthorp – zoom collaborator
Rachel Gippetti – zoom collaborator
Naomi Girdler – sound collaborator
Léonie Hampton – zoom collaborator
Alice Neal – Antonia White performer
Jane Richardson – zoom collaborator
Eleonora Roaro – zoom collaborator
Jodie Saunders – sound collaborator
Carly Seller – zoom and sound collaborator
Naomi Wood – zoom collaborator

A Cake of Painted Tin is funded by Arts Council England with public funding from the National Lottery.