Current Project

Rolodex Propaganda

Clareese Hill / Clement Valla / Helene Kazan / Katie Zazenski / Marc Blazel / Max Colson / Micheál O’Connell (Mocksim) / Raphael Fabre / Shane Sutherland / Theo Ellison / Tom Milnes

18-27 APR 2024

Polygon Palm presents Rolodex Propaganda, developed by KARST studio holder Tom Milnes. Exploring recent developments of NetArt and the ethics of digital/virtual image production, Rolodex Propaganda is a confrontation of propaganda, corruption, deep fakes, and deception.

As part of The Wrong Biennale, the project existed as an online, mobile-only embassy. Now at KARST, the digital works have been developed by the featured artists in a series of physical manifestations, installations, and screenings.

Featured artists include: Clareese Hill, Clement Valla, Helene Kazan, Katie Zazenski, Marc Blazel, Max Colson, Micheál O’Connell (Mocksim), Raphael Fabre, Shane Sutherland, Theo Ellison, and Tom Milnes.

Rolodex Propaganda opens at KARST on 18 April (6-8pm) and is on view until 27 April.