Past Project

Test Space: Beth Evans & Sophie Lines

23 - 24 FEB 2024


Multidisciplinary artists and graduates Beth Evans (Arts University Plymouth) and Sophie Lines (Bath Spa University) present work they have developed during their residency at KARST.

Beth Evans is a multidisciplinary artist, illustrator and writer whose practice is informed by both lived experiences and imagined realities. Centred around change, the themes of their work constantly shifts – an integral element of the fast paced, intuitive nature of their making. However, common threads include mundanity, value and identity. Inevitably, Evans’ works become portraits – conversations – between the artist and their friends.  As an individual whose life is fused to their practice, this body of work analyses interpersonal connections, the concept of ‘work’ and the poetics of mundanity whilst simultaneously learning to reduce the risk of emotional burnout by instilling positive habits, like daily walks, into their practice and utilising found materials and stories not only fabrics from their own life.

Sophie Lines  is influenced by nature, materiality, the human form and explores these through multidisciplinary works that evoke an emotional response. She is curious about material properties, what can be considered fabric or medium and believes anything can be used to create. Her use of new innovative materials stems from her individual investigation into sustainable resources and producing her own fabrics. Through her practice she intends to blur the boundaries between art, science and design, exploring how they can collaborate to create sustainable alternatives to environmental issues.


The opening event for this test space will be on Friday 23 February (6-8pm) with an in conversation with the artists and KARST’s Head of Programme Ben Borthwick at 6pm. The work will be on view until Saturday 24 February (11am – 5pm).