KARST’s commitment to equality

KARST believes in art’s capacity to bring people from diverse backgrounds together to exchange ideas, create work, share practices and give people a voice to contest the prejudices in our society.

We embrace the values of inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and equality so we support the Black Lives Matter movement and stand in solidarity with those challenging outdated attitudes and systems.

We take our role as an influencer of Plymouth’s cultural identity seriously and will maximise our efforts to ensure the voices of underrepresented members of our society are heard.

Our vision is that we will create the structural changes needed within our sector to be truly diverse, inclusive and welcoming to all people.

To achieve this, we will take an active lead to address systemic and hidden racism and the inequalities underpinning society wherever we find them.

Here’s how we will do it:

  • We will develop a collaborative programme to listen to, learn from and amplify marginalised voices as a way of influencing and creating permanent change;
  • We will review our exhibitions and commissioning process in collaboration with established local and regional organisations to facilitate knowledge exchange, and the sharing of best practice, resources and event programming;
  • We will maintain a space where artists from all backgrounds can develop, collaborate and lead;
  • We will reinforce zero tolerance of harassment and bullying;
  • We will diversify our workforce, resident artists and network.

Covid-19 message

In line with government recommendations to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and visitors, KARST is temporarily closed to the public until further notice to support efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Changes to our operating status will be communicated via social media, and our website.

Please email
if you have an enquiry.



Doors open: 6pm / Performance: 7:00pm

Tickets £6

IMPATV host an experimental video workshop prior to the Outlands ENSÕ SONE Tour, revealing some of the techniques used to create their videos and visual work.




Ensō Sone
Outlands Tour #6

Tuesday 12th November 19
Doors open: 5:30pm / Performance: 6:00pm

Tickets £5



OUTLANDS experimental music touring network present an original audio-visual collaboration between Japanese psych band Qujaku and UK visual artists IMPATV.

Developed during a residency in Japan in June 2019, this new production explores ideas of duality. Sound triggers light that in turn creates form via an amalgam of heavy, rhythmic ambience combined with visual projections, lighting and stage design. The resulting union will unfurl as an expansive spectacle to stimulate the senses.

Special guests group A open each night of the tour with a spectacular new AV set.

Ensō – a circular symbol hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.

Sone – a unit of loudness; how loud a sound is perceived.

Ensō Sone expresses a freedom to create loudness, which marks the starting point for this exciting new collaboration. Further ideas from Japanese Zen practice; of oneness, natural opposites and equilibrium, the spirit of harmonious cooperation, the visible and the invisible, absolute fullness in emptiness, simplicity, completeness, and endlessness are explored.

The tour includes special guests electronic, industrial act group A (now the solo project of Tommi Tokyo) who in turn collaborate with Berlin based visual artist DEAD SLOW AHEAD on a new multi-dimensional video universe, opening the gate to the inside-self, mixing slow ethereal abstract sounds with mind-shattering stroboscopic video pulsations, designed to challenge the observers’ expectations of AV work.

As with all OUTLANDS tours, there will be an accompanying workshop to shine a light on the artistic processes behind the production. IMPATV will host an experimental video workshop prior to the ENSÕ SONE shows, exploring some of the techniques they use to create their videos and visual work, using a variety of new and outdated technologies. Participants will have their own experimental video work to take away with them.

Reserve your space here: bit.ly/KARSTIMPATV


LIVE PERFORMANCE > DUSTIN ERICKSEN & DAMIAN GRIFFITHS ‘The eye aint heard, the ear aint seen’

A psychedelic musical lecture on the electrodynamic spectrum with apologies to Richard Feynman.

“Working in response to Damian Griffith’s presentation of works in the exhibition Light, observed, Dustin Ericksen will present a public lecture to partially explain the making of some music which will also be going on and there will be photography as well and all those things will be explicitly affecting one another.”

Artist and performer Dustin Ericksen brings Light, observed to a close with his Finissage Event ‘The eye ain’t heard, the ear ain’t seen’. With banjo and synthesiser, Ericksen will create improvisational music. The musical aspect of the performance will be interfered with by two outside elements. First, the photography and light of Damian Griffiths, will trigger changes in the synthesised sound. Simultaneously, Ericksen will attempt to give a didactic explanation of the electromagnetic spectrum, which includes the light we see, and other wavelengths, like x-rays and microwaves.

Dustin Ericksen lives and works in London and is an artist, performer, writer and teacher. More information: dustinericksen.com


Fracture Patterns is a live collaboration between UK artist duo Semiconductor and New York musician and producer Eartheater. This original commission by the Outlands Network combines large-scale multi-channel video works by Semiconductor with an original live soundtrack and performance by Eartheater, fusing both into a compelling theatrical production.

This tour is an investigation in absorption and the spectrum between empirical research and human emotion, via large-scale, sublime projections, vocals, movement and sound that linger playfully and productively at the blurred edges between dissonance and harmony. Semiconductor and Eartheater invite audiences to join them as they explore the collision and collusion of their respective practices.




KARST and Electric Knife presents GAMMA, the third in our series of experimental sound performances.


The legendary Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s, set the bar long ago for industrial, dark ambient soundscapes. Founder Nigel Ayers presents a live audio visual show of dazzling organic and chemical animation with a unique sound world of wildlife and machine sounds that feels earthly & mysterious; mechanical yet human.


Alice Kemp lives and works in the south west of England, continually developing a practice of experimental music, audio composition, public and private performance, doll-making, drawing and painting. Subtle trance states, dreams, and disturbances inform her personal and cryptic yet coherent body of work, and her live [in]actions suggest a private mythology evolving through stillness, boundaries and aural stimuli. She has delivered these live obfuscations in England, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria and Switzerland, and released sonic contemplations through the labels Fragment Factory (DE), Harbinger Sound (UK), and Erratum Musical (FR).


Founded in 1987 by Stephen Meixner and Jonathan Grieve, with Stephen J. Pomeroy joining in 1992, Contrastate boasts one of the richest experience pools among the groups of the post-industrial movement. Initially embedded firmly in the tradition of industrial music and physical confrontation through sound Contrastate did not cease to evolve and slowly moved away from extremes and towards more balanced, subtle compositions. Their current style on the recent releases: A Breeding Ground for Flies (2012 Dirter Promotions) and the live album No Eden Without Annihilation (2016 Tesco Organisation) are situated somewhere in the realm of the avant-garde variety of dark, ritual ambient music combined with elements of experimental noise. Their diverse musical heritage exhibits unique electronic manipulations combined with stentorian vocals embedded in a heavy, surreal industrial background. They have long abandoned any attempt to reproduce studio work live, new material is specifically written for their performances, combining live electronics, acoustic instruments, sound manipulation and performance art. Contrastate is indeed a prime example of experimentation in music. Its artists constantly feel the need to try out different ideas, different ways of recording and different ways to use instruments.


UBIQUITUOUS MEH! / NORMAL TEA / FRIEND OF A FRIEND .An experimental music performance – industrial, electronic, DIY and beyond.



KARST and Electric Knife presents BETA, the second in our series of experimental sound concerts. We want to showcase artists who think about music and performance differently – across industrial, electronic, DIY and beyond.

FRIEND OF A FRIEND is the solo project of Alastair D. Smith. Until recently, Smith was playing in Nottingham outfits Society and Blunt Mountains, and had performed with the likes of Mary Ocher and Antoni Maiovvi. He has since relocated back to the South West and has been left to his own devices. FOAF’s music assembles elements of the organic and the artificial – analogue synth drones meet stringed instruments, found sounds, and digital pulses. These sources coalesce to form an end result that feels like the past and the future bleeding into the present.


NORMAL TEA is a succulent cesspit of musical experiences and flavours. Performing in various forms for nearly 30 years. With roots in experimental, blues and psychedelic music. NT works with aggressive beats and squawking analogue synth sounds. A heavy lean of improvisation, within structural boundaries. Bluesy bassy vocals dripping with delay… NT has been described as ‘The Canadian Electronic Captain Beefheart.’

UBIQUITOUS MEH! is an organist based in Plymouth, UK. In 2018 he recorded tracks for Baltimore rapper/producer Height, accompanied experimental film artist Katy Richardson with her Super8 loop that ate itself at the 9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, and recorded library music for Lo Editions/Universal. 2018 also saw the first public outings for the project, including the self-released debut mini-album of garagey electronica Minimal Wave For My Pals In The Grave and the Christmas tape Season’s Mehtings – the former seeing radio play at WXOX Louisville and the latter earning column inches from Mark Barton (Losing Today and The Sunday Experience) who called it ‘impishly tuneful and ridiculously addictive.’



Ecstatic Material is a newly commissioned dynamic sound sculpture by musician and producer Beatrice Dillon and visual artist Keith Harrison which will expand and contract over back to back performances at venues across England.

This live experiment with sound and substance will be conducted through a modular system made up of malleable plastics, coloured light and multi-channel audio which is constructed, choreographed and diffused by the artists into the performance space.

Tour support comes from DJs Copper Sounds who spin copper dubplates, ceramic pots, and heavy icelandic rocks, using these materials to create a primitive and tactile form of turntablism. They will also lead a daytime workshop at each tour venue, where participants can design and cast their own playable wax 7” and take it home with them.

This tour was commissioned by OUTLANDS,
curated and produced by Jennifer Lucy Allan and Al Cameron and supported by Arts Council England and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation.